Houston Law Firm Assists Clients with Family Legal Matters

Texas attorneys represent people in cases involving divorce, child custody and support, and adoption

Litigation and other family legal concerns require skillful counsel and an appreciation of the emotional stakes involved. Since 1973, The Law Office of Larry P. Smith has provided effective advice to clients in the Houston area for all types of domestic legal matters. Whether you’re breaking up with your spouse or considering adding a child to your home, we can explain what is required and help you pursue the result you are seeking.

Comprehensive counsel for spouses ending their marriage

Ending a marriage is never a decision to make lightly, but once you have resolved to divorce, our firm delivers knowledgeable advice on issues such as:

  • Filing decisions — Texas authorizes both no-fault divorces and those where a fault ground, such as adultery or cruelty, is alleged. Once we understand the circumstances of your marriage, we can advise you on the relative advantages of each option and help you to file in a timely manner.
  • Property division — In Texas, most assets accumulated during a marriage are considered community property, so courts are directed to divide them in a “just and right manner.” This does not always mean a 50-50 split, however. A judge might offer a larger share to one partner based on age, earning abilities, fault on the part of the other spouse, or other factors. We will make sure that the court understands all of the information necessary to give you the best chance at a fair adjudication.
  • Mediation and uncontested divorces — In many situations, couples can resolve their differences outside of court. This saves time, money and stress, but an experienced family attorney is still necessary to make sure all legal requirements are satisfied and your rights are protected.

Whether your divorce is amicable or angry, The Law Office of Larry P. Smith can help ease your emotional and financial burdens.

Aiding parents in disputes over child custody

Decisions over conservatorship, often referred to as custody, are made based on what the court considers to be in the best interest of the child. Even when other aspects of divorce are fiercely fought, it is important to pursue consensus where children are involved. If agreement cannot be reached, we will provide diligent advocacy to establish a safe environment where your child can succeed and maintain the important parent-child bond.

Advocating for the establishment of appropriate child support terms

Texas uses a formula to help set child support rates, but our experienced lawyers can ensure that hidden income and other important factors are considered in the calculations. We can also advise you on how to enforce your existing support order or seek a rate modification if your circumstances change.

Developing and reviewing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect assets

Our firm drafts and reviews agreements among engaged and newly married couples regarding property allocation in the event of divorce. These prenuptial and postnuptial contracts are effective ways for each party to protect the assets they bring to the marriage and to clarify their divorce terms without costly litigation later.

Guiding families through the legal requirements of adoption

Adding a child to your family should be a wonderful event, but delays and legal mistakes can harm everyone involved. We have the skill and experience to help move the process along so that your family can start its new life together.

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